Minggu, 30 April 2017

How to make Yarn Star Ornaments

How to make Yarn Star Ornaments
Hope you will feel inspired by me. I will show you how easy you can make your own beautiful yarn stars. 

Check out the full tutorial on this video ↓


1. Create these extraordinary, airy ornaments out of everyday items: yarn, glue, cardboard, spike  and wood. It couldn’t be easier.
2. Make a Template
Start by drawing your desired star shape on a piece of paper. There are many available online or trace a cookie cutter. Then place the paper on a piece of wood
3. Assemble spike
Push a spike from the wood through the cardboard wherever two lines meet
4. Get a glue
In a small bowl, pour a thick layer of craft glue.
5. Add Yarn
Cut a very long piece of yard and soak it in the glue.
6. Attack Yarn to spike
Tie the end of the yarn to a toothpick at the point of the star.
7. Thread star outlines
Wrap the yarn around each of the spike to form a basic outline.
8. Create star center
Use the remaining yarn to fill in the center of the star with the glue soaked yarn. The more you add, the more substantial the ornament will be and the longer you will need to let it dry.
9. Snip yarn end and let dry
When you’ve filled the star, cut the yarn and tiel into a loop so you can hang it. Set the ornament a side to dry complete
10. Carefully remove
When the ornament is absolutely dry, carefully peel it off.
good luck 😁😁😁