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Bertahanlah, aku kuat..
Disaat mereka mendapatkan hasil yang maksimal dengan segala kemampuan yang mereka miliki, disaat inilah Dia mengujiku. Rasanya benar-benar tak mampu untuk bangkit lagi. Rasanya ingin ku akhiri saja. Kenapa Ia benar-benar hanya mengujiku? Perlahan-lahan hingga teman-teman mulai mengacuhkanku ketika aku masih mengeluh akan masalah yg sama kepada mereka. ah.. bodoh, aku hanya terlalu belum dewasa untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini sendiri. Kuatlah, hingga aku benar-benar tak sanggup berdiri lagi.
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Speech is communication, though, talking or a talk give to an audience, conveying a topic, arguments, and or feelings and video recorded.
speech methode :
1. memorization
2. Reading
3. Impromtu
4. Extemporanous

Speech preparations
1. pick your message
2. know your audience
3. research your speech
4. use stories, humor and methaphors
5. make a draft of your speech
6. prepare props if indeed
Delivering speech

1. Eye contact
2. Gesture
3. Intonations
4. voice
5. speed

Structure speech
1. opening
2. content of speech
3. closing


review assignment sentence using the adjective, adverb and noun. At the adverb is divided into four, namely: a. Manner, example: slowly, carefully, fast, well, beatifully, etc b. Time, example: in (for yers,) on (for day and month), at (for time), etc c. Place, example: in (for city) at (address), here, there, etc d. Frequency, example: always, sometimes, twice, once, never, etc

C.  Word parts: Uni 2) Complete the sentences with the words bellows 1. Rita is a university student. 2. The desire for love is universal. 3. The Began univers about 14 billion years ago. 4. East and west Germany were unified in 1990. 5. At many school, student must wear uniform.
Asssalaamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh
I would share you the video that i made on Youtube about my speech entitled "Fasting in Ramadhan"

Let’s check in this link 👇

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what is speech??

1. what is speech?
answer : speech is the vocalized from of communication used by humans. Each spoken word is created out of the phoetic combination of a limited set of vocal and consonant. in addition to use in communication. speech is internally used in mental processes to enchance and organized cognition in the from of an interior monologue
2. what are the aspects in speech and what we must do before delivering the speech?
answer ; the aspects in speech we must to made a great speech consist of articulation voice, fluency, gesture and eye contact to audiences. before we are delivering the speech we must to check to our look, material of speech, checkout the room and practicing.
3. the topic of my speech
Answer : Fasting in Ramadhan 😀
Today, I visited at Auditorium UNTAN in event Dies Natalis Tanjungpura University.  I visited at least 7 Stand.
First, I visited American Corner (Amcor) Stand. In amcor shown are books in english language. some foreign novels and and lost of fun games. And then the other uniqueness in the stand have a doodle-pen that can be try by visitor. This is a photos when I take a picture at American Corner, btw I wear a pink hijab and beside me is my best friend,  like a twins right? wkwk 🙈🙈

Second, I visited UPT Bahasa. In UPT Bahasa shown a books about Toefl Test, Tutep and ITP. The uniqueness in the place is the visitors can try toefl test provided on-site and free !! If you won, you get a doorprize from UPT Bahasa. Unluckly, I didn’t get a doorprize 😢😢

Third, I visited Chemistry stand.this is stand of my Faculty. The uniqueness of stand is shown flower made from soap and a brumsateul that made from atsiri oil and water. In this stand you can try simple lab work like Titration.
Next, I visi…

my future business is...

Hello, I want to tell you about my future business. When I was child I have many dream about my future job, be an doctor, an nurse, etc. Now it’s all change. Now I want to be an entrepreneurs. That naturally means I would like to be some company’s boss, handling my bussines, and be a famous with my business. I always want to be a business woman wearing nice clothes, driving fancy cars, and being known for what I do.
          That dream started when I thing I do much works to get money. And I think that we have to create jobs because now it is hard to get a job.So someday I want have Cake shop. Why I choose cake shop because I love food and I love eating, and the other side I think that owning the cake shop was profitable. If there is an economic crisis anyway this business remains a way because people still need food for surviva.In addition I also want to hire many people. Therefore I want to make a cake business.
          In the cake shop business I want to make various kin…